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Solar Justice LogoLuci lights make a difference. So can you! Every Luci light gives a child more hours to study in the evening. An entrepreneur gains 90 more productive hours a month to increase his or her income. Women feel safer at night. And families no longer have to inhale toxic fumes emitted from indoor kerosene lamps.


With your support, MPOWERD aims to send 2,500 Luci solar lanterns to communities in need around the globe, but we only have until May 31, 2014, to reach our goal, so please consider giving Luci to those in need NOW! Together we can positively impact 12,500 people living in Energy Poverty and eliminate 800,000 kg CO2 from our shared air.


Luci lights will be placed in the hands of those living in Energy Poverty through our incredibly dedicated global Give Luci NGO partners.


Our Solar 100 Ambassadors are leading the charge to reach our goal as global leaders in the arts, entertainment, business, science, and social change. Follow the progress of our Solar Justice movement on our social media channels.


MPOWERD started the Solar Justice movement to provide light to the billions living in Energy Poverty by harnessing the power of the sun. We believe that anyone who cares about poverty, education, global health, safety or environmental protection can join the movement and bring the power of light to communities in need.


About MPOWERD’s Give Luci Program

MPOWERD is committed to giving light to the people who need it most. We do this by encouraging customers to purchase a Luci light at a discounted rate which will be distributed to communities in need through one of our NGO partners. For each solar lantern you purchase, a home will be illuminated, approximately 5 lives will be changed and 320kg of CO2 will be kept out of the atmosphere annually.


Give Luci Special Project Partners (NGOs)

The destruction by Typhoon Haiyan is a humanitarian catastrophe with a reported death toll of 1,774 people. Millions in the Philippines are without any basic services, including electricity. According to a recent CNN report: "The Philippines struggled to bury the dead and get food, water and medicine to the living, four days after Super Typhoon Haiyan claimed untold lives and flattened countless buildings". MPOWERD’s partner, Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK), is providing Luci to people living in the typhoon-affected areas of the Philippines. ARK is focused on improving the education and health of school age children (pre-K, elementary and high school) living in impoverished, rural communities in the Philippines. Luci lights are providing these communities their only source of light and helping them in their rehabilitation process.


Give Luci provides solar lanterns to the Seattle-based nonprofit, A New Course. This nonprofit gives women the support and resources they need to make meaningful conservation efforts towards sustainable development in their own communities. As a source of reliable light, Luci shines at night for these women and releases no toxic chemicals. Through A New Course, Luci is distributed in Tanzania and Kenya.


Another beneficiary is the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA), which promotes the improvement of community livelihoods in South America. The ACA works with MPOWERD to distribute Luci lights to communities in the Amazon and Andean regions of Peru. Luci solar lights improve living conditions, save household expenses and help protect soils and rivers by reducing the purchase and use of non-rechargeable batteries.


Réunion Sportive d’Haiti, (RS Haiti) is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC, dedicated to the well-being of marginalized youth in Haiti. Their mission is to build skills, character and community through sports and education, and to help the children of Haiti to reach their full potential in society. With the help of Luci lights they aim to reach children in their community so that they are able to live in a decent environment, have access to the basic need for light, benefit from access to light as it relates to improving education, and, as a result, grow up to be responsible citizens who make valuable contributions to society.


Delhi Slum Dweller’s Federation (DSDF) works in the slums of Delhi with a vision of providing quality sanitation and health services in addition to vocational training services to slum residents. Through their work, they ensure residents a cleaner environment, better living conditions and a sense of self dignity. With their specific focus on the empowerment of women, Luci lights will contribute greatly in securing women’s safety, better health and improved livelihoods.



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