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Our Story

We Stand for Solar Justice


Let's empower humanity with affordable solar light to promote economic growth, positive social impact and sustainability. MPOWERD aspires to eradicate Energy Poverty by providing humanity with affordable, renewable sources of light and power to enrich lives. Solar Justice for All means our products are intended for use by any human being, whether on or off the grid, in our shared need for light. Let's leave behind dirty, expensive fuels and adopt the sun's free energy as a path forward to a healthier, more productive future.

MPOWERD'S vision is to eradicate energy poverty through Solar Justice. Our mission is to make our brilliant clean energy solar products and solutions accessible the world over. Let's empower humanity with affordable solar light to promote economic growth, positive social impact and sustainability.

Meet the Innovators Behind the Vision

  • Jacques-Philippe Piverger Co-founder & CEO

    Jacques-Philippe Piverger is a social entrepreneur who draws on his business and philanthropic experience to create positive change for humanity across the globe.

  • John Salzinger Co-founder & Executive Vice President

    John Salzinger is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned expert in sales, media, business and technology.

  • Scott Kling Chief Operating Officer

    Scott Kling is a committed environmentalist and veteran solar technology executive who deeply understands the manufacturing and sales of disruptive solar technologies.

  • Mike Muehlemann Vice President of Engineering

    Mike Muehlemann is a serial entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for product development.

  • Alison Hope Vice President of Marketing & Communications

    Alison Hope is a passionate marketing and communications professional with deep experience in developing engaging, inspiring and sustainable brands.

  • Margaret Yuan Vice President of Operations and Finance

    Margaret Yuan is a social entrepreneur with experience in building global social enterprises and making investments with measurable social impact.

  • Mehmet Mailmail Sales & Supply Chain Manager

    Mehmet Mailmail is passionate about getting sustainable energy products into the hands of those who need them most.



New York City based MPOWERD Inc. develops and manufactures transformative clean energy products to replace and eliminate the dangerous, costly and harmful ways people living and playing off-the-grid are forced to find energy. As a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), we do good by doing well. We invite you to join in our vision of eradicating energy poverty through solar justice. Join the Solar Justice movement by Giving Luci, following us on Facebook or Twitter or reaching out to us directly Here.

Energy is the thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity and sustainability. But, widespread energy poverty still condemns billions to darkness, ill health and missed opportunities for education and prosperity.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon