Luci Solar Lights | The Portable Solar Lamps by MPOWERD

Meet Luci®
The inflatable solar light

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The little light that does big things

Enjoy bright, long-lasting light, with no bulbs or batteries to replace.

Lightweight + Portable

Luci collapses to 1 inch and weighs only 4 ounces — so it goes anywhere you need light.

A little sunlight goes a long way

Charge Luci in the sun to get up to 12 hours of bright, clean light.

Magic Hour

Turn any moment into an unforgettable experience.

Mood Lighting

Add an extra splash of color to bath time, party time, or any time.

Always be prepared

Small and reliable, Luci EMRG is your pocket-sized emergency sidekick.

Share the light

Through Give Luci, you can help us light the lives of those without electricity.